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Dr. Yusim believes every person is unique and therefore needs an individually-tailored therapy approach. The philosophy of Dr. Yusim’s practice is to help individuals achieve their highest level of psychological, emotional & mental well-being. She does this by enabling patients to cultivate their inherent strengths and gain insight into their difficulties. Her primary approach is psychodynamic, existential and action-oriented. Psychodynamically, she works with her patients to understand how patterns of thinking and feeling from early childhood affect their current lives. Existentially, she helps her patients to find personal meaning in their lives and cultivate their uniqueness. An empathic & action-oriented approach enables her patients to make real and lasting changes in their personal and professional lives. If desired by the patient, Dr. Yusim can prescribe psychiatric medication when medically indicated.


Dr. Yusim treats 3 types of patients:
PERSONAL GROWTH:  Individuals looking to grow personally, actualize their potential, and improve themselves and their relationships
CHALLENGES & TRANSITIONS: Individuals, couples and families going through transitions or challenging life circumstances, including but not limited to relationship difficulties, job stress, low self-confidence, family problems, academic challenges, spiritual struggles, divorce, loss, grief, infertility and sexual problems, to name a few.
PSYCHIATRIC SYMPTOMS AND DISORDERS: Individuals experiencing psychiatric symptoms or diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, bipolar disorder, obsessive/compulsive disorder, panic disorder, addiction and substance use disorders.


Dr. Yusim offers Psychotherapy for Adults, Couples, and Families and Psychopharmacology Services for Adults.  All sessions are 45 minutes.  Payment is due at time of visit and cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.  Although Dr. Yusim does not accept insurance, most patients receive a significant portion of the fee per session reimbursed through their insurance’s out-of-network benefits. 

Upper East Side Psychiatry

35 E. 85th Street, Suite 3N

New York, New York 10028

Phone: (917) 727-9437

Fax: (917) 210-3376

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