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Library Journal Anna Yusim Fulfilled

“Perfect for those open to the more holistic approach of combining spirituality with classic psychotherapy.”
-- Library Journal

Excerpt from Foreword by Eben Alexander, M.D.

I find Dr. Anna Yusim’s book Fulfilled to provide a most welcome breath of fresh air, injecting vibrant life into the modern management of mental wellness. As a brilliant and very insightful psychiatrist in New York City, she has the experience and intelligence to assemble a remarkable series of cases from her busy practice, offering a treasure trove of insight and guidance to all humans, no matter where they exist along the spectrum of mental health. Going beyond the limited purview of the conventional biochemical approach, Dr. Yusim’s psychospiritual perspective incorporates the grander role of our relationships with others and our lifetime patterns of behavior as indicative of a much larger overall structure and purpose. Through a valuable array of experience and analysis, she reveals the fundamental spiritual nature of who we are. Her richly spiritual approach allows a much deeper sense of connecting with one’s higher soul to manifest its free will, bringing one more in alignment with his or her purpose by addressing the lessons he or she came to this world to learn.

— Eben Alexander, M.D.

Renowned academic neurosurgeon and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Proof of Heaven, and The Map of Heaven

If you want to understand how the science of spirituality can help you transform and heal, this is an important book to read.

— Deepak Chopra, M.D.

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of multiple books including You Are The Universe

More and more psychiatric professionals are recognizing the role of spirituality in treating anxiety and depression, part of a vital pushback against the over medication of Americans. I admire those like Dr. Anna Yusim who are leading the charge.

— Marianne Williamson

Spiritual Teacher and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of A Return to Love, and numerous other books

In Fulfilled, Dr. Anna Yusim clearly demonstrates her strong commitment to both her own patients and all who suffer from mental illness. Dr. Yusim's knowledge of clinical care, with emphasis on psychotherapeutic approaches, is both remarkable and fully up-to-date.  Fulfilled is equally a jewel for the general public and those with knowledge of the field of psychiatry.  I plan to keep a copy of her book close by in my office, and frequently consult it with respect to my own patients. Fulfilled will serve as an ideal textbook for medical students, psychiatric residents, professionals in the field of mental health, and anyone else interested in the field of psychiatry.

—Pedro Ruiz, M.D.

President, American Association for Dual Diagnosis; Former President, World Psychiatric Association; Former President, American Psychiatric Association; Former President, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology; Former President, American Association for Social Psychiatry; Former President, American College of Psychiatrists; Clinical Professor, Baylor College of Medicine  

There are times when divisiveness, selfishness and plain antagonism are popular.  Dr. Anna Yusim offers the opposite message: nobody can be an isolated island and we are mostly defined by what we do for others.  This book shows that trust and devotion to others have not died in psychiatry.

— Roderigo Muñoz, M.D.

Former President, American Psychiatric Association; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California San Diego

So many people today are asking, “How can I be happy?” and “What is my purpose?” In her book Fulfilled, Dr. Anna Yusim invites us on a transformative journey to answer these questions.  Through personal anecdotes, stories from her psychiatry practice, scientific research, and hands-on exercises, the reader is guided to transform three limiting core beliefs – I am unaware of my soul; I give away my power; I am disconnected and alone – to new beliefs reflective of an expanded consciousness: I am deeply connected to my soul; I take back my power and create the life I want to live; I am interconnected with everybody and everything. The message of Fulfilled is vital at a time when the fate of our species depends on shifting our consciousness, individually and collectively.

—Karen Berg

Founder and Spiritual Director, The Kabbalah Centre

Dr. Yusim has given therapists and clients wonderful spiritual tools to bring head and heart together as we journey within psychotherapy and outside the consulting room.  She shows how intuition, intellect and innocence can take us to higher goals.  Therapists can work on themselves. Clients can share what they discover in this book with their therapists.  In these times of stress and disconnection, we need the spiritual dimension to go reunite with our authentic selves.

—Richard P. Brown, M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Yusim's book is refreshing. She is a psychiatrist who goes far beyond drugs to help us feel healthier, happier and more empowered in whatever we do.  Incorporating worldwide spiritual wisdom and the new world view of quantum physics, she takes people out of the illusion of separateness and powerlessness into recognizing who and what they truly are and have the power to accomplish.

—Henry Grayson, Ph.D.

Founder, The National Institute for the Psychotherapies and Institute of Synergetic Therapy; Bestselling Author of Mindful Loving: Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind and The New Physics of Love audio series.

Dr. Yusim's honesty, vast knowledge and experience come through in Fulfilled.  The combination of intellectual/academic inquiry, spiritual curiosity and openness was so refreshing and compelling.   I wanted to both race through it and to savor it.  It is a stunning achievement, one that will help more people than she will ever know.

— Reverend Andrea Raynor, M.Div.

United Methodist Minister; Hospice Spiritual Counselor, and Author of numerous bestsellers, including The Choice.

In her raw, real and beautiful style, Psychiatrist Anna Yusim shows you how to remove life's masks of illusion! Greater authenticity opens the door to personal fulfillment. Demonstrating that  “True healing and lasting fulfillment require a spiritual transformation as well as a clinical outcome”, Anna shares that what we see in this world is less than 1 percent of its true reality. Fulfilled pulls back the curtain revealing the other 99% for you! 

— Donny Epstein, D.C.

Developer of EPI-Energetic technologies, Author of 12 Stages of Healing, Healing Myths Healing Magic, Network Spinal Analysis, and EPI Performance

Rich with timeless wisdom, Fulfilled is a thoughtful and engaging manifesto on living an authentic, meaningful and love-filled life. Dr. Anna Yusim writes with such depth of heart that you will feel as though you've made a new friend; one you can trust fully to guide you towards deeper dimensions of your own brilliance, calling and.... of course, fulfillment.

—Katherine Woodward Thomas

New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in "The One:" 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life and Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After

In Fulfilled, Dr. Anna Yusim draws our attention to immeasurable realities that impact our sense of well-being -- namely, that the soul and spirituality cannot be quantified, but, like dark energy and matter, they have impact. With courage and candor she allows us to accompany her on a journey of self-discovery, reaching beyond what she learned from her training in the Western sciences at Stanford, Yale, and NYU, tapping into fields as diverse as quantum mechanics, existentialism, and psychodynamics to enrich her narrative along the way.   Anna's beautifully written book offers medicine for the soul as well as the body.  By integrating Eastern and Western perspectives on healing with an understanding of higher consciousness, this book has the potential to transform the field of psychiatry.

—Thomas D. Stewart, M.D.

Consult-Liaison Psychiatrist at Yale New Haven Hospital; Associate Clinical Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

Fulfilled brings the mental health field’s focus on self-understanding a much needed deeper looking into the human psyche: the dimensions of the spirit and the soul.  Dr. Anna Yusim, a dear friend and student,  provides invaluable insights, tools and exercises to help us heal and grow by accessing the spiritual dimensions of ourselves and the world.

—Rabbi Jonathan Feldman, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Manhattan Jewish Experience

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Dr. Anna Yusim is an internationally-recognized, award-winning Board-Certified, Stanford- and Yale-educated Psychiatrist & Executive Coach with a Private Practice in New York City and Connecticut.  She is the best-selling author of Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life.  On the Clinical Faculty at Yale Medical School, Dr. Yusim is presently creating a Spirituality & Mental Health Center at Yale.  With clients including Forbes 500 CEOs, Olympic athletes, A-list actors and actresses, and the Chairs of academic departments at top universities, Dr. Anna Yusim has helped over 2000 people in 60 countries achieve greater impact, purpose, and joy in their life and work.
After working as a neurobiology researcher with Dr. Robert Sapolsky Ph.D. and completing her studies at Stanford, Yale Medical School, and the NYU Psychiatry Residency Training Program, Dr. Yusim felt that something was missing from her life. In her quest to find it, she traveled, lived and worked in over 70 countries, while studying Kabbalah, learning Buddhist meditation, and working with South American shamans and Indian gurus. 
Dr. Yusim has published over 150 academic articles, book chapters, scientific abstracts, book reviews, and articles for the lay public on various topics in psychiatry. A frequent contributor to CNN, Fox News, ABC, and NBC, she has been a guest on hundreds of national and international TV shows, radio programs, and podcasts. 

Anna Yusim, MD Science and Spirituality

As a highly sought-after speaker, Dr. Yusim gives keynotes for physicians and professionals worldwide on topics related to mental health and spirituality, thriving post-COVID, preventing burnout, physicians as meaning-makers, and resilience.  For healthcare professionals, corporate leaders, and community members, she also conducts workshops to empower individuals to sharpen their intuition, cultivate authenticity, awaken self-compassion, enhance their capacity for empathy, and improve their ability to connect with others.

In 2020, Dr. Yusim received the top honor granted to an American psychiatrist, being named a Distinguished Fellow by the American Psychiatric Association. Other awards and distinctions include her book, Fulfilled, being ranked #1 New Release on Amazon in its category.  Fulfilled was also voted Top Book of 2017 by Spirituality and Health Magazine, and voted by Forbes magazine as 1 of 23 life-changing books you need to read, along with Pablo Coelho’s The Alchemist, Eckhart Tolle’s The New Earth and Louise Hays’ You Can Heal Your Life. Other awards include the Illinois Math and Science Academy Alumni Trailblazer Award, National Institute of Mental Health Outstanding Research Resident Award, the American Psychoanalytic Association Fellowship, the William Webb Fellowship from the Academy for Psychosomatic Medicine, the American Psychiatric Institute for Research & Education (APIRE) Janssen Research Award, the Seed Research Grant from the American Medical Association, First Prize in the Sermo Resident Challenge, the Carta Fellowship from the World Psychiatric Association, the Janet M. Glasgow- Rubin Award for Women Leaders at Yale Medical School, the William F. Downs Fellowship for International Research, the Max Kade Fellowship, the Samuel F. and Sara G. Feinman Scholarship for Leadership, the Foreman Fleisher Foundation Scholarship for Academic Excellence, the Golden Award for Top Thesis written in the Humanities at Stanford University, the Hoefzer Prize for Top Essay Written in Stanford University Course, the Bessie F. Lawrence International Fellowship, and the National Science Foundation Scholarship.



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